Medication management

Say hello to medication management.

Our dedicated team at Friendlies are committed to ensuring you have all the right information and support you need to access and take your prescribed medications safely. 

Scripts on file

Scripts on file

We keep your scripts on file at all times so you can manage them easily and order repeats efficiently. So if you need a standard repeat, just call your local Friendlies pharmacy and we’ll have it ready by the time you come in store.

Script delivery

Script delivery

If you’ve got repeats on your script, or are housebound, simply call your local Friendlies pharmacy to organise your scripts to be sent to your door.

Medication check


We offer comprehensive medication checks and reviews to help you manage your medication, both prescription and non-prescription. We’ll cover things like what they’re for, possible side effects, how they interact with other medicines and how to fit your treatment around your lifestyle.

Learn more about MedsCheck.

Dose admin

Dose administration aids

When you’ve got a lot of medications to take, we know it can get overwhelming. Our dose administration aids ensure you never get medications mixed up or miss a dose.

For a personally prepared, safe and easy-to-use medication pack, just pop into your local Friendlies pharmacy. This medication packing service is only $5 a week or if you’re an eligible HBF member, it’s free.

Unused Medicine Disposal

Unused medicine disposal

If you’ve got unwanted or out-of-date medicines lying around at home, bring them into your local Friendlies pharmacy for a free and safe disposal.