Hearing Consultation

Do you find it hard to hear the TV on low volume? Or do you sometimes experience tinnitus (ringing in your ears)?  If you do, you could be among one in seven Australians that are affected by hearing loss. Here at Friendlies, we believe better hearing should be accessible for everyone, that’s why we’ve introduced our free hearing consultations.

Check your hearing today.

A 15-minute hearing consultation at your local Friendlies pharmacy.


One in seven Australians have hearing loss with that number increasing dramatically for people over 60 years old. Regular hearing checks are important as hearing loss can occur slowly over time and its effects are not always obvious at first.

If you’re concerned about your hearing, you can take our free online screening*. This test aims to identify potential hearing loss and provide recommendations on your next steps and options available to you.

Can I book a hearing consultation?

The hearing consultation is available to anyone over the age of 18, at all Friendlies pharmacies.

What happens at a consultation?

In a private consultation room, a Pharmacist will ask you some questions about your hearing, you’ll then complete our online hearing screening — this is where you put on headphones and indicate when you hear the tones. Based on your responses, a recommendation will be provided.

If together we think you would benefit from wearing hearing aids, we will demonstrate the benefits of our hearing aids, the pre-programmed options and how to get the best out of your new aid. 

HBF Member Benefits

If you're an HBF member with one of the following products, benefits may be payable on your hearing aids, depending on your level of cover, waiting period and up to your annual maximum.

  • Ultimate Package
  • Prime Health Package
  • Standard Extras
  •  Flexi Extras (if selected)
  • Top Extras
  • Essentials
  • Premium Extras Mid

Not sure if you're covered? Visit myHBF, or call HBF on 133 423. HBF health members also enjoy a range of benefits at Friendlies pharmacies, find out more.

HBF Eligible members

*This test aims to help you identify possible hearing impairment. It is not designed to replace a hearing test from your health professional. We highly recommend you see your GP or an audiologist for a complete evaluation of your hearing prior to purchase.


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