T2 Diabetes Program information

The Friendlies T2 Diabetes Program has been designed for people living with non-insulin dependent, type 2 diabetes. Throughout the program, your Friendlies pharmacist will provide you with personalised support to help you monitor and better manage your diabetes.  The program includes a wellness review, structured blood glucose monitoring and medication review. Together with your pharmacist, you will identify the steps needed to improve your diabetes management and from this set some goals. You’ll also receive a blood glucose monitor that you can continue to use after completion of the program.

How much does it cost?

The program costs $180 and is split into two $90, one hour consultations, with your third follow up appointment free of charge. This cost includes a blood glucose monitor that you can continue to use after completion of the program. If you're an HBF member you may be eligible to claim a benefit.

Can I join the program?

If you’re 18 years or over and have been diagnosed with non- insulin dependent type 2 diabetes you are eligible for this program. Find out more about other diabetes services and support at Friendlies here.

Program Structure

Before your first consultation

You’ll be asked to complete some paperwork before your first consultation which includes a couple of questionnaires to help your pharmacist understand how you are coping with your diabetes. You’ll be given a checklist of items to bring to your first consultation including your blood glucose meter and any recent blood test results you have from your GP. If you’re not registered for NDSS, you’ll be provided with an application form.

Consultation One

Your first consultation includes a diabetes wellness review where your pharmacist will take some measurements, review the questionnaires you previously completed and discuss your cycle of care targets. They’ll help identify gaps in your diabetes management and highlight any additional areas for attention. At the end of your consultation you’ll be provided with a blood glucose monitor and be asked to undertake three days of structured monitoring before your next consultation. You’ll also be asked to bring your medications to your next appointment.

Consultation Two

During your second consultation, your blood glucose results will be reviewed to help you better understand how things such as diet, exercise, stress and medication can impact your levels.  The pharmacist will also review your medication to help you better understand how to use them correctly to improve their effectiveness. Based on the information gathered over both consultations you will set some goals and create a personalised action plan with the assistance of the pharmacist to help keep your diabetes care on track.

Follow Up

Following completion of your two consultations, your pharmacist will schedule a follow up to see how you are tracking with your action plan and identify if you require any additional support.

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HBF Member Benefits

If you’re an eligible HBF member with one of the following products, you could receive 55% to 80% back on our T2 Diabetes Program, depending on your annual maximum.

Not sure if you're covered? Visit myHBF, or call HBF on 133 423. HBF health members also enjoy a range of benefits at Friendlies pharmacies, find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the program?

The purpose of the program is to support people living with Type 2 Diabetes in self-managing their condition, identify any gaps and engage them in their cycle of care and ultimately to prevent diabetes related complications.

2. What do I need to bring to start the program?

You will receive a registration pack when you enrol in the program that lists the documents you need to bring. These include your current blood glucose meter, your NDSS registration card, recent blood results from your doctor (if you have them) and a questionnaire.

3. Do I need to be on medication for my diabetes to participate?

To be eligible for the program you need to be 18 years or over and have non-insulin dependent diabetes. If you are not on medication, you will still benefit from the program content. These benefits include advice on your yearly cycle of care, goal setting, and information on cholesterol, blood pressure and cardiovascular risk scores. The program includes a new blood glucose meter.

4. What does the program cost and is it covered by HBF?

The total program cost is $180, which is split over two $90 appointments. Eligible HBF members may be able to claim back benefits. To find out if you’re eligible phone 133 423.

5. Why is the diabetes program not suitable for under 18s?

For those aged under 18 years, a more intensive service, delivered in conjunction with a carer or parent may be required. If you are under 18 years, the best place to start with the management of your diabetes is your GP.

In WA, the Princess Margaret Hospital Endocrinology and Diabetes Department provides services for children and adolescents diagnosed with diabetes which may include working with a doctor, diabetes educator, social worker, dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist and school liaison teacher. There are also a number of regional clinics offered throughout WA. If you are eligible for these services, we recommend discussing a referral with your GP.

6. Why is the diabetes program not suitable for people with type 2 diabetes on insulin?

The program provides an overview of diabetes, monitoring, medication and management. People living with type 2 diabetes and using insulin may require more intensive support than what is offered in this program. We recommend discussing the management of your diabetes with your GP and health care team. 

7. What is the difference between the medication review and a Diabetes Medscheck?

Medication can play a very important role in the management of diabetes. The medication review conducted is only one component of this comprehensive program which also looks at blood glucose monitoring, diabetes related stress, healthy lifestyle practices and allied health practitioner visits, all of which make up effective diabetes management.

A Diabetes Medscheck is a one-off, 45 minute service provided by a pharmacist and focuses mainly on medication and blood glucose levels.

8. How is this any different to what my GP does?

This program is not designed to replace any care you’re currently receiving from your GP. In fact, the program will compliment your current diabetes care and assist in helping you navigate through the world of diabetes management. We aim to provide you with information that enables you to be involved in the management of your diabetes and link you with any useful resources that may assist in making living with diabetes easier. This may include recommendations to see other healthcare providers.  

9. Why should I participate in Structured Blood Glucose Monitoring?

Although there is currently some debate regarding self-monitoring of blood glucose in the management of diabetes, we believe it is an important tool to understand the relationship between your food, activity levels and your blood glucose. Self-monitoring of blood glucose levels allows you to have a tool at home that demonstrates the effects that food, activity, illness, medications and stress can have. It also allows you to monitor how your current diabetes treatment is working and if it isn’t, provides very useful information on what could be done better.

10. Do I need a GP referral to participate in the program?

A GP referral is not required to participate in the program although we may request you bring some information from your GP to enable us to discuss certain aspects of your diabetes management. This information is outlined in the registration pack. We will also, with your permission, keep your GP informed regarding your progress during participation in the program.

11. Do I need to fast before my appointments?

You are not required to fast prior to any of your program appointments. If you do not have recent fasting blood test results from your GP the pharmacist will take a finger-prick cholesterol reading. Unlike blood glucose, cholesterol doesn’t fluctuate as quickly, and as this is only a screening test you will not need to fast. However we do recommend you avoid any caffeine (and nicotine) for at least 2 hours prior to your appointment as this will affect your blood pressure result.

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